Agile SenseTM

The definitive Enterprise Agile Coaching guide


Agile Sense is a coaching model that incorporates 7 senses that enable organizational agility.

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Lean Thinking

With lean thinking coaches will identify areas of wastes and bottlenecks to help organizations reach a state of continuous flow.


Business Agility

With business agility, coaches will empower organizations to find ways to be adaptable innovative to ensure they keep a competitive edge in a ever changing world.

Leadership Development

With leadership development, coaches will mentor leaders to be change agents, visionaries, and servant leaders for their organizations.

Cultural Growth

With cultural growth, coaches will instill a sense of relentless improvement, psychological safety, and transparency.

Emotional Intelligence

With emotional intelligence, coaches will mentor the organization of managing relationships, being empathetic to all, and motivating team members.

Customer Centric

With customer centricity, coaches will guide organizations through creating an environment where the customer is in the center of all operations and their experience and feedback is of upmost importance.

System Thinking

With systems thinking, coaches will assist organizations in identifying disconnection and creating interconnections to ensure the organization is aligned at all levels.

Agile OxygenTM

Agile Implementation Model Optimized to Deliver Continuous Operations

Agile Oxygen is a product development framework that will lead to continuous operations when implemented.

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Teams at all levels within an organization must act as one vertical slice where they are aligned. Alignment will ensure there is synergy in reaching common outcomes.


Coaches will mentor teams on innovative agile, devops, modern programming, and product management practices. These practices will enable organizations to build customer centric products with the best industry standard technical practices.


Coaches will assist leadership on building short and long term vision, customer centric strategic goals, and a culture of learning, improvement, innovation, and safety. This will ensure organizations are aligned and provide value at the highest level possible.


Continuous Operations

Coaches will mentor organizations on continuously exploring, developing, integrating, and deploying. These practices will enable your organization to build products that work as intended by your customers.