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Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Our Coaches help teams apply Agile and Lean thinking to the specific environment and impediments they face. Working as an advisor the Coach can help the team adapt the methodology to ensure success.

Agile Training/Workshops

Agile Training and Agile Workshops

We take an “all in” approach with our Agile training and coaching philosophy, focusing across the enterprise, not just IT. Our Agile training courses are highly interactive and offer a “hands on” learning approach. 

Website Design/Optimization

Website Design and Website Optimization

Responsive website design is all about flexibility. We specialize in optimizing your website and making it not only aesthetically pleasing, but interactive, practical, and compatible with mobile optimization. 

Test Automation

Code Quality , Code Review, DevOps

We're experts at rapidly evaluating the quality of any codebase (large, small, legacy, modern), measuring technical depth, and recommending improvement actions.


DevOps, Automated Testing, Cucumber, Java, Selenium

Continuous Integration and Deployment focused on quality through automation and continuous feedback. Let us help you create your architectural runway.


IT Modernization, Management Consulting

Obtain quick advice on the suitability and trade-offs of using a particular architectural pattern, delivery practice, or technology from our experienced SME expert.

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